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Our practice has been located in the heart of Toorak Village since 2003 and Dr Gene Virtser has an interest in dry eye treatments for all those years. Dry eye syndrome, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) or blepharitis refers to inflammation of the eyelids and is the most common cause of dry eyes. It can lead to red, flaky skin on the eyelids and sore, red, gritty eyes.  Often patients will feel as though their eyes are stuck together in the morning due to the sticky deposits on their lids and lashes. We offer dry eye patients a variety of treatments that help to achieve the best possible outcomes: IPL, BlephEx, Blephasteam, Meibomian Gland Manipulation, Supplements and Drops together with a special take-home plan to follow.    

“I would say that after the IPL treatment for dry eyes my concentration at work has improved substantially. My eyes do feel a lot lighter when trying to focus on long distant objects. I would recommend IPL to anyone suffering from dry eye syndrome.”

Mr Jose Coelho

“I came to see Dr.Virtser with little hope. After 2 visits I am very glad I undertook this treatment due to the immense relief I feel.”

Dr Sheila Devasahayam

“Relief no one else could provide! I've been through 4 optmetrists during 3 years.”

 Mr Alan Sweeney 

More than I ever expected. A brilliant result. Many many thanks. 
Ms Daria Mikhaylova
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